App Features

Here are some useful features of the app you should be aware of.

Drag 'n Drop into Xcode

You can skip clicking the export button and drag your custom symbol directly from the Custom Symbols app into an xcassest catalog in Xcode.

Note that this functionality is only available if you've purchased a subscription.

Export as PNG
File > Export PNG

In addition to converting any SVG into an SF Symbol, the app can also convert SVGs into a PNG of a chosen size.

Export as SVG
File > Export SVG

You may be wondering why you'd want to convert an SVG to another SVG. Well for one, this can be useful for processing SF Symbols as described below and secondly it is handy if you want to convert strokes to paths. The Custom Symbols app will automatically convert any strokes contained in your SVG to equivalent paths. This is useful because it will make the bounding box of your SVG equal to its size.

Drag 'n Drop from Apple's SF Symbols App

You can drag an SF Symbol directly from the SF Symbols App and drop it into the Custom Symbols App. You can then export that SF symbol as an SVG to be edited in another graphics program.

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