Bret W. Lester

Software Developer

My Apps

WebOutLoud (2014)

Reads the web out loud using text-to-speech. Available on the App Store and the Chrome Web Store.


Blokkit (2019)

Inspired by a familiar classic, this is the first (probably last) game I've ever released. Built with Apple's Metal framework. Available on the App Store.


Grid Draw (2019)

A grid-based graphics tool for creating simple art like icons and logos. Available on the App Store.


TreeSim (2019)

A free app offering an infinite variety of algorithmically created trees. It represents my first foray into graphics programming with Metal. Available on the App Store.


Shiny Objects for Babies (2015)

A simple ad-free, popup-free app for babies offering 20 different interactive scenes while playing classical music. Available on the App Store.